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Old Equipment

Canon 28-135mm f3.5-F5.6 IS This is perhaps the best general purpose reasonably priced lens Canon makes. The focal length covers a very wide and useful range, and while it's not the fastest lens around, the Image Stabilization gives you and extra couple stops. It is fairly small and light, and has decent macro capabilities as well. When traveling light this is often times the only lens I will bring.

In early 2007 I sold this lens and replaced it with the 24-105 F4.0 IS. I found that the 1D Mark II and the 5D are of a higher resolution than the 28-135. I also wanted a faster lens, one that had a constant F-stop and with a 77mm filter size. This was also one of the first Canon lenses containing Image Stabilization and this first generation Image Stabilization doesen't work when mounted on a tripod. I found I lost more photographs than I care to admit because the Image Stabilization switch sticks out a bit too far and it would accidentally change and didn't know it.