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The Canon camera system is my choice for many reasons

Canon 1D Mark II I purchased the 1D Mark II shortly after it was released because of it's rugged body, high frame rate, nearly full frame sensor and of all things it's size. I have large hands and the 20D was too small to shoot with all day. The weight was a bit of a concern at first but I soon realised that I just needed to work out more. The weather sealed body has served me well in wet conditions that I wouldn't consider using a lesser camera for. The autofocus is lightning fast and the controls are easy to use.

Canon 5D Until I had this camera I still used my film camera for long hikes and backpacking because digital cameras are much heavier. Well that was then and this is now. I haven't touched my film camera since getting the 5D. It is a little heavier than my Elan II, but the tradeoffs are worth it. The sound of the shutter release is more similar to the 1D series cameras which sound more robust rather than clanky. This camera just has a really nice feeling to it. more...

Canon 5D Vertical Grip Since my hands are big and my pink falls off the grip I mostly use the 5D with the vertical grip. It adds a bit of weight and the ability to carry an extra battery or in case of emergency use 4 AA batteries. I haven't needed that feature yet so I can't comment on how well the AA batteries work.